See a Photo Shoot

Choosing the Right Dog

Jeanne puts a great deal of her time and effort into picking the right dogs for her images. "I try to capture the personality of the breed or even of a specific animal in my work." Pictured here are Harlequin Great Danes getting ready to pose as cows for Card 821 Cows.

"What makes it kind of special for me is to get just the right kind of expression or tilt of the head to convey a specific feeling." This Vizsla is posing as an attorney for Card 809 The Attorney.

The complexity and detail of her sets and outfits invariably lead to questions about the high level of cooperation clearly needed between Jeanne and the animals. "People have asked me how I get the animals to do things," she says. "Actually, I have never found a way to make a dog do anything. I have found that if you treat them with love, attention and respect, they seem to want repay it in kind."

The Artist's Studio

Pictured on the left is Jeanne's art studio.

Jeanne often shops for many "dog-sized" items that she can use in her photos.

But most of the props she creates herself. For example, she created the Model-T Ford driven by the dogs in Card 474 Tin Lizzy, the horse ridden by Don Quixote in Card 457, and the sports car for the English Setter in Card 421 Sunday Driver.

Jeanne has recreated famous paintings such as Monet's Water Lilies for Card 464 Water Lilies and the background for Card 433 Mona Lisa. And she even created the tiny book that the Papillon is reading in Card 477 Hanging Out.

Candid Shots

Below are some candid pictures of an actual photo shoot.

Jeanne insists that photo shoots be as much fun for the dogs as it is for all involved. Here is a picture of the dogs almost ready to pose for the final result.

Everyone plays with the dogs on the set preceding and following the photo sessions.

And, finally, here is a photo that is very much like the final result of Card 429 Oh My God! Triplets. Note that the father dog is actually holding the cigar!

The sessions are kept short and only occur on cool days.

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