Retail Sales


  1. All orders are processed within 48 hours unless you submit a Personal Check. Allow 7 - 10 days for Personal Checks to clear.
  2. For all orders: We accept Money Orders or Personal Checks.
  3. PAWS A MOMENT will notify you by E-mail on the day your order is received and the day your order is shipped.
  4. All orders are shipped via the US Postal Service. If this is an International Order, contact us for exact shipping costs.
  5. To complete your order, proceed to:
    Print Order Form .
  6. For further information we may be contacted by phone (626-793-2302), FAX (626-304-1014) or at:


  1. Our Mailing Address is:

       Paws A Moment
       3535 Lombardy Road
       Pasadena, CA 91107

  2. Send Money Order or Personal check along with your completed Order Form.

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