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Jeanne Heilman

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From the wild and whimsical imagination of artist Jeanne Heilman comes Paws A Moment, a line of photographic dog greeting cards unlike any you have ever seen! The cards have clever and appropriate greetings for all occasions -- there are birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards, get well cards, thank you cards and friendship cards. Jeanne has even created sympathy cards for the loss of a pet.

Paws A Moment has been in business for 15 years. During this time the company has developed a reputation for excellence in both artistic style and business practices.

Many dog breeds are represented including labradors, golden retrievers, spaniels, terriers, poodles, bulldogs and pugs. Some cats are even included. You will see many vizslas that belong to Jeanne and her husband. These dogs love to be photographed and are excellent models.

All of the photographs are of actual dogs who love their 15 minutes of fame. Jeanne has personally made their clothes and assembled the props, which the dogs find very interesting. They regard them as play toys and potential snacks. The dogs are in sit-stay position surrounded by Jeanne's painted backdrops and the props. After the photo session, the dogs get praised by their owners, millions of hugs and a dog cookie or three. The cats have their own agenda.

Enjoy and order the cards that are currently available. There are two catalogues. One is listed by breeds and the other by occasions so you can easily select your favorites. Ordering is simple; you can do it by mail or by FAX. Credit cards are always accepted. We are currently unable to accept INTERNET orders

Please visit our site often. New cards are always becoming available and you can usually order more of the dog cards that are already your favorites.

Paws A Moment is certain that you will enjoy buying the cards for your favorite dog-loving people.

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