"GOURMETS" Card Layout

Jeanne's imagery doesn't stop with her photographs. "I view the animals as actors in little plays, and I think they probably have some thoughts about the whole thing." As a result, all of her stars are members of her "PAWS A MOMENT Animal Actors Guild" and comment on their experiences on the back of the card. Jeanne feels that this makes each card a bit more complete with a laugh not only on the outside and inside but on the back cover as well.

The following is the card layout. Each card's actual size is 5" x 7" and is printed on glossy paper. Most of the cards have a two-color decorative border surrounding the dogs.

Photo of Paws A Moment Gourmets Front of Page

"Gourmets" Photograph on Front of card

Photo of Paws A Moment
Gourmets Inside of Card
"Gourmets" Greeting on Inside of Card

Photo of Paws A Moment Gourmets Back of Card

"Gourmets" Back of Card Showing Credits

In this unique card, Jeanne humorously shows the need for a balanced diet by comparing a self-absorbed , anorexic canine "super model" with a doggie fast-food glutton. It is left to you to decide which of their diets is worse!

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