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Who can think of dogs without thinking of sports and the great outdoors? Everyone has seen a Labrador Retriever in a duck blind awaiting his master's command, but only Jeanne Heilman can envision him dressed in a camouflage outfit and wearing binoculars in preparation.

By Paws A Moment
Card 476 Duck Hunter
Inside Greeting:
Happy Bird-Day!

Jeanne also seems to "see" many other things most of us cannot. She shares with us her view of an English Setter as a sporting race car driver. English Setters are fast on their feet and behind the wheel. And Jeanne knows how they like to create the proper image.

Photo of Paws A Moment Sunday Driver
Card 421 Sunday Driver
Inside Greeting:
Speedy Recovery!

Here's a Pug portraying Marlon Brando as THE WILD ONE. Jeanne thinks that this pug has the attitude to be THE WILD ONE, and most of us would agree with that.

Photo of Paws A Moment The Wild One
Card 444 Pug Patrol
Inside Greeting:
Happy Birthday!
Wild One
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