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Here are references to many of the dogs Jeanne has photographed and the characters they portray. She includes nine of her cards with their card numbers, card fronts, and the greetings. Enjoy!

Who other than a Doberman Pinscher could be Sherlock Holmes? Could any dog be better able to track down clues leading to crimes committed by those evil felines?

By Paws A Moment
Card 443 Sherlock Holmes

Inside Greeting:
Elementary, My Dear Watson
It's Your Birthday!

In another of her cards a choir of angelic West Highland Terriers surround a devilish and scowling Shih Tzu. One feels comforted knowing that we have such heavenly protectors.

Photo of Paws A
Moment Above and Below
Card 460 Above and Below
Inside Greeting:
There's a Little Devil
in the
Best of Us
Happy Birthday!

Jeanne's images include great art where Vizslas portray the AMERICAN GOTHIC, MONA LISA and WHISTLER'S MOTHER. One can see in AMERICAN GOTHIC the stern upbringing that has been bred into those vizslas since they were puppies. They worked hard all their lives to obtain a small American farm that they could call their own.

Photo of Paws A
Moment American Gothic
Card 404 American Gothic
Inside Greeting:
Be Wild and Celebrate
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